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 Recent Trips

My GyroCopter Experience In Costa Rica

While on vacation in Costa Rica, I wanted to see the country from the air so I found a company named Fly With Us Costa Rica. I met Mike my pilot and he quickly gave me a run down of the GyroCopter and then our route. He briefed me on safety, then I hooked up my Gopro's and we were off in no time. We took off and headed north for the cost line where we descended down to about 500 feet over the beach. One was Playa Del CoCo and the other was Playa del Conchal. The good thing is I had my ATC cord hooked into my David Clarks so it cut out the rotor noise and we could hear him clearly communicate with Liberia ATC in Spanish. While over the beach, Mike pointed towards a large school of stingrays and turtles making their way out to the deep. Some days you can see whales.

St.Thomas to St.Croix On The DHC-6 Twin Otter🛬🌴🏝

Spent the day in St. Thomas ending it with an amazing seaplane ride from downtown St.Thomas SPB to downtown St.Croix SSB seaplane base. Watch as Ryan "left seat" and his copilot gracefully operates the Twin Otter on a short 20 mins hop.

New York to St.Croix Via Miami🛫🛬✈

Going home to visit family and to get some much needed rest and relaxation. 1500 miles starts at JFK T8 with a connection in Miami.

Check it out. Don’t forget to click the video to see the trip in full action. Also, please subscribe to our social media channels (YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook), and like and share.

The Ultimate Aviators Experience

Flying with Esteban the president of Icaro aviation located at:

7201 South Airport Road

Pembroke Pines Fl

During my experience, I had approximately 25-30 minutes in command of N169HC a Cessna 172. After takeoff, we climbed out to 1,400' and headed over to Aventura and Sunny Isles, and North Miami Beach to take in the amazing views as far as the human eye can see.

Flying into Brainard Airport ✈️🛬🛫😉

The original plan was to fly to Albany, NY (KALB). However, when we arrived at the airport the Duchess was down for some light maintenance. After a couple of hours, she received a clean bill of health. We were now short on time before the next rental/instruction appointment. To save the day, we decided to make it a short trip from Farmingdale’s Republic airport (KFRG) to Hartford, Connecticut’s Brainard Airport (KHFD) (total direct distance of 61 nautical miles) for dinner.

Northeast Philly to Republic Via the Class B Transition

Flying back to Farmingdale’s Republic airport with a temporary flight restriction (TFR) in full effect. Our options were to circumnavigate to the south of the TFR region over the Atlantic Ocean or file a flight plan that would clear us through the TFR airspace and through JFK airport’s airspace (Class B). Thankfully we opted for the latter as we were able to get some amazing night footage as we flew just south of JFK airport.

Aviation Safety

Safety Alert - Check Ignition Switch/Key Integrity

Key-type airplane ignition switches and associated keys can sometimes become worn so that it is possible to remove the key from the switch in other than the OFF position, which could lead to an unintended engine startup during hand movement of the propeller creating an extremely hazardous condition. The full safety alert can be viewed at

Never Again

Pilots share first-person accounts of frightening experiences in the cockpit so that others can learn from their mistakes. Click on the pic for the podcast