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The Crew

Cameron  Richards

Born on the beautiful Island of St. Croix, of the Virgin Islands, I was inspired by aviation at a very young

age. While visiting the island’s international airport for the first time to see my mom off on her travels, I

was awestruck as I watched her plane with it’s two massive propellers roar down the runway and took

to the sky. I wondered; How in the world did that machine become airborne with such ease? That was

the moment that I was bitten by the “aviation bug.” In the following weeks on a trip into town with

mom, I saw a model airplane in a shop and I just had to have it. My immigration to New York helped to

further my passion as its skies were always filled with planes overhead. It was my heaven. I spent

countless hours looking up and identifying, or at least trying to identify, each airplane type and airline.

While my teenage peers were studying driver’s manuals, I was busy studying pilot’s manuals. I soon

started flight training and earned my private pilot’s license. Aviation is my one true love, and I will never

abandon her for anything.

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Rhoan Clarke

As a small child on the Island of Jamaica, my eyes were always aimed skyward. I was mesmerized by the

jumbos flying overhead. I knew that one day I will be soaring alongside them in the skies overhead. I’m

currently the holder of a private pilot’s license with an added instrument rating. The certification

permits me to fly single-engine airplanes. While currently limited to small planes, my passion lies with

“The Maiden of the Skies,” the Boeing 747. My aspirations are to spend some time flying commercially,

as well as aircraft ownership.

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The purpose of this channel is to inspire and encourage those with a curiosity about aviation, as well as

to provide fellow travel fans and aviation enthusiasts with the pleasures and productivity of aviation

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