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Q. & A.

How long does it take to become a private pilot?

In order to be a private pilot, a minimum of 40 hours of flight and a passing grade on the written exam is required. The time it takes for you to complete the requirements depends on how eager you are to fly; as well as how well you can comprehend the lessons you are being taught.

 What type of flight school can I start training with?

Depending on how serious you are and your budget we can connect you with a Part 61 flight school. This means that they are government licensed and certified but can design a lesson and training plan to better suit each student. The licenses offered are not affected by this.

What are the requirements to become a Private, Instrument, or Commercial Pilot?

Private Pilot:

. Pass the written exam

. 40 hours of total flight time

Instrument Rated Pilot:

. Pass the written exam

. 50 hours flying cross-country

. 40 hours of instrument flying time

Commercial Pilot:

. Pass the written exam

. 250 hours of total flight time

Do I need a Medical Exam?

Yes, you need to have an FAA Medical Examiner certify you are healthy enough to get a license. We suggest you get a medical exam first before you embark on any flight training.  Click here for an FAA ME

Does my pilot's license expire?

Pilot's licenses never expire. Once you earn it, it's for life.