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Our New York Mentorship Program​​

Our Mentorship Program For High School Students is up and running. Contact us for more details

Omario, 16 years old High School student wants to be a commercial airline pilot. On this day, he temporarily put away his flight simulator for a taste of the real deal.

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After turning 17, Ely's parents wanted to give him an introductory ride in the C182. Instead of the mundane routine of going out to the practice area and letting him take the controls, we decided to head up to the Hudson where we all got another awesome birds-eye view of NYC. Click the button for the full video

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Hop in, fasten your seatbelt and take the ultimate grand tour of NYC skyline.

Hudson Tour

The Best Headset For Pilots. Let's Fly!

Flying to Block Island

C172 G1000

Commercial Aviation